The Modern Shepherd

BND 22.90
How can tending a flock of sheep empower leadership skills?

How does it build character and awaken wisdom?

And why was shepherding the starting point for so many of the great prophets, such as Mohammed, Moses and Abraham?

These questions had long intrigued MBA student AlBaraa Taibah before he decided to become a modern-day shepherd and herd sheep alone in the Sahara Desert. Confronting the dangers of desert snakes, getting hopelessly lost in the dunes and suffering from dehydration - all on the first day - made him ask himself, 'Why didn't I just take that leadership course back in Boston?'

The Modern Shepherd is a leadership book unlike any other. Inspiring and insightful, AlBaraa H. Taibah reveals the secrets of the ancient art of shepherding and how they can teach us to become effective and successful leaders.

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