30-Second Numbers

BND 24.90

Full of fascinating facts about numbers and how they are used, 30-Second Numbers demystifies the world of counting, measuring, ordering, calculating and many other applications of numbers.
We know that we use numbers pretty often, some of us confidently, others reluctantly. But are you aware of just how essential they are to almost every decision we make? Counting and measuring when we’re shopping, travelling, studying or playing are just the beginning; the applications of numbers are endless, from assessing variables and analysing data to the calculations and predictions of advanced artificial intelligence.
30-Second Numbers explores number categories, the science of measuring, how guesstimates work, and the visualisation of numbers, taking you behind the digits into the world of statistics, probability, risk and ratios. Numbers are our way of imposing order on the world, and each of the 50 topics here uses just 300 words and one picture to give you a sense of control, helping you to understand trends in statistical data, how algorithms are used and the methods involved in machine learning. Numbers need never be daunting again.

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