A History Of The 20th Century

BND 35.90

From one of the world's leading historians comes an ambitious and sweeping history of the world in the 20th century, lavishly illustrated in full-color.

Ranging from the world wars to the traumas of decolonization and the technological triumphs of the space race, A History of the 20th Century documents the events, the characters, the ideologies, the cultural transformations and the dramatic politics of these turbulent times.

Jeremy Black examines subjects as diverse as the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, the Cold War, globalization, climate change and the birth of the internet in a compelling narrative. Keen to highlight the role of demographics, the environment, culture and technology as well as the better-known tales of political rivalries, he brings a new perspective to this most important subject.

Featuring remarkable maps, illustrations and photographs, this book brings the key events of the 20th century into exceptional clarity.

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