When You Think You're Falling
When You Think You're Falling

When You Think You're Falling

BND 16.90

The journey of reconnecting with our faith can feel like falling in love sometimes.

Everything is sweet in the beginning and there is a high that boosts us to be the best version of ourselves.

We chase after perfection in our solah, in our Quran recitation, and in our sadaqah–thinking it’s the only way for Allah to accept our deeds.

Until the chase exhausts us and we find ourselves in a slump.

Suddenly we find ourselves at this intersection between powering through on our spiritual journey despite experiencing a type of spiritual burnout and giving up altogether thinking we’re not the chosen ones.

Does being a good Muslim mean we never feel like we’re tired or we’ve failed? Is this journey only for the pious and selected few who are sin-free and have a strong hold of their faith?

In this book, Ameera Aslam tenderly shares her own journey of finding mercy after hopelessness. Of getting back up after falling on her path to find Allah.

This book is an invitation for us, to let us know that in being a good abd’for Allah, it is possible to move from operating in fear, shame, and punishment to joy, hope, and gratitude.

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