The Secret of Hajj

BND 18.90

This book will assist you to understand the inner message of Hajj for the makeover of your mind. Hajj is an exact science of how life works. Nothing else can be added to its fundamental principles, and if you remove any from it, failure will result. If you follow strictly the sacredness inscribed in its path, you will be Perfect, revealing the Beauty, Splendor, Majesty and Glory of your Soul. Hajj possess a plan of how to bring about Power and Intelligence in man, back to its original essence of Perfection. This in fact, is the goal of all man, just like nature, flourishing into the gardens of pure delight with its colors and scent in its Grace and Beauty. A devout Muslim must elevate this Beauty and Wisdom inherent in Hajj and bring about its Power and Intelligence to cascade the Earth.

Be not like those who follow the path blindly without understanding its inner Magnificence.

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