The Poetry of Lord Byron

BND 16.90

Famously described as 'mad, bad and dangerous to know', Lord Byron was the quintessential romantic poet - flamboyant, tragic and exceptionally gifted. His life and work have been a source of constant fascination for over two centuries. He composed some of the greatest verse ever written that has enthralled readers for generations. Passionate yet thoughtful, his poetry ranged from historical epics to romantic odes and biting satires. This collection presents the reader with the start of the literary legend, offering insight into the entirety of his work, from his juvenilia to his final pieces, including such favourites as 'She Walks in Beauty', 'Darkness', and 'To Woman', as well as excerpts from his longer poems 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' and 'Don Juan'. ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Great Poets Library brings together moving and inspiring verse from some of the greatest poets in history, presented with beautiful new cover designs with graphic motifs.

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