Moons & Masjids
Moons & Masjids
Moons & Masjids
Moons & Masjids
Moons & Masjids
Moons & Masjids

Moons & Masjids

BND 40.00

Moons & Masjids is a classic matching game, rich with whimsical illustrations that represent the 5 pillars of Islam, moons, masjids, animals from the Qur’an and more. Meant for all generations, the pocket- sized tiles will help children learn about the Dīn, grow their vocabulary in both English and Malay and grandparents will battle for the sharpest memory.

A luxe box and magnetic closure makes it a perfect game and gift! 

The set contains 32 cards (16 pairs): 

1. Shahada

2. Prayers

3. Zakat

4. Fasting

5. Hajj

6. Masjid Nabawi

7. The Dome of the Rock

8. The Holy Qur’an

9. Mountain of Light

10. Crescent moon

11. Tarawih

12. Tasbih

13. Hari Raya/ Eid ul-Fitr

14. Hoopoe

15. Whale

16. Camel


1. Place cards face down.

2. Take turns flipping 2 cards.

3. If cards match, flip 2 more.

4. If the cards do not match, the other player has a turn.

5. Collect the most pairs to win.

6. Play spot the difference! 

For 2 years +

In Malay & English

Made from recycled materials and vegetable-based soy inks 

Designed in Brunei Darussalam by @jellybeandreams

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