Love Notes For The Soul

BND 14.90

This book, Love Notes for the Soul contain warm, soothing, inspirational and uplifting words in the form of short notes which are called 'love notes?. These love notes are compiled for the soul who is in need of words of hope and trust in their daily life. All the love notes are a compilation of the author's thoughts and reflections where most of the content carries a universal meaning and message.

111 LOVE NOTES were written with the sole intention of helping anyone who is in need of hope and trust in their daily lives.

Wouldn't it be nice if, with a flip of the pages in a book, you could catch enlightenment from little notes of insightful messages that suit your current situation?

Motivated by the friend who boosted her energy with those sticky notes, Sharifah Nadirah hopes to do the same with her compilation of thoughts and reflections that carries a universal meaning and message. Sharifah Nadirah believes a little magic in an inspirational note can move us, inspire us, and change us miraculously.

This is the book that celebrates life with simplicity and thoughtfulness yet brings comfort. Even so, perhaps some solutions exist.

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