Fiqh of Social Media

BND 27.90

Social media and digital technologies have changed our lives and there is no indication that things will slow down. As Muslims, we believe that Islam contains the most perfect guidance for all of mankind to follow. How do we implement that timeless advice in our unprecedented times? That is the focus of the Fiqh of Social Media. 

“With the time we spend on social media, being mindful of how we use it is crucial. This is a wonderful resource based in prophetic guidance on how to practically use social media in wise and beneficial ways.” - Dr. Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute

"We have to question how our quality of life has been impacted by the age of hyper-connectivity. Due to the fact that social media is the tool for creating social capital, we need to realize that speaking about the harms of constant connectivity takes a lot of courage. Thank you, Omar, for this work.” - Shaykh Mikaeel Smith, Qalam Institute

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