Dear Broken Soul
Dear Broken Soul

Dear Broken Soul

BND 16.90

What’s beautiful about being broken is that you start to realise how much feelings you carry. You are introduced to the layers of emotions that you never knew were in you all along.”

Life is a place for us to be tested—this is something we know but going through a painful and heartbreaking experience can leave the heart feeling like it’s shattered into pieces.

We succumb to the pain, drown ourselves in the whirlwind of emotions, and we end up becoming a person we no longer recognise because of our “brokenness”. But love and pain are emotions from God. So why does one bring us joy and the other makes us feel like we’re trapped in a dark hole?


In Dear Broken Soul, Islamic educator, Liyana Musfirah, and licensed psychotherapist, Maimunah Mosli, explore what happens to us when we go through a heartbreaking experience and how we can revive the heart by seeking God through our brokenness. It also invites us to embrace one certain fact–our heart and its brokenness will always have a home to come back to–and that is with God.

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