Blessings in the Little Things
Blessings in the Little Things

Blessings in the Little Things

BND 18.90

Life may feel mundane when we do the same routine every single day. What used to give us joy and purpose have turned into things that numb us. The heart is filled with bleakness.

But when we look around us, it seems everyone else is living their version of life that we dreamed of. One that is filled with colours, excitement and meaning—as though their life is filled with blessings.


We begin to feel empty thinking all the things we’ve done before amount to nothing. And so we begin to live aimlessly, directionless and without meaning.

Is there a way to revive this heart that is slowly beating to its demise? Is there a way to fill the void, overcome the frustration find the beauty in little things again?

In her debut book, author Roedah Mansour takes us on a journey of “heartwork”–of tending to the heart, of setting it to cultivate its connection to its Creator, of combining passion with purpose and of honouring one’s faith.

Turn back and call out to the One who changes hearts. The best of planners. Know that His promise will reach you and do not live half of a life.

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