Bio Creations Jungles

BND 32.90

Explore the dense and vibrant jungles of the world and lose yourself in the wonders of the forest. See the amazing variety of jungle life, the unusual plants, the curious creatures, and the delicate balance of these precious forest habitats. Trek through the jungles and rainforests of the world, and spot the amazing animals and plant species that call these diverse habitats home—and how humans are impacting them—with this interactive set for readers 7 and up. Meet armadillos and anteaters, sloths and orangutans, long-tailed monkeys and flying squirrels, tigers and toucans and parrots, then get creative and start putting together your own jungle world. Just punch out the 139 brightly printed pieces, then slot together tree branches and greenery into a model rainforest, and fill it with prowling, climbing, and flying animals.

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