A Handbook of Accepted Prayers

BND 59.90

Unhealthy addictions and depression are widespread: some of us find the uncertainty and emotional darkness eating away at us. 700 years ago, a diligent Muslim scholar told of a cost-free, universal psychotherapeutic cure, writing: "Happiness comes with a sincere du'a." He was Ibn Qayim Al Jawziya: his teacher was Ibn Taymiyyah .

Riding on the coat-tails of our pious predecessors, we too seek routes to accepted prayers and eternal reward within the tradition of the Holy Qur'an and authentic ahadith (Prophetic sayings).

This book builds on our debut A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine and isn't simply a compilation of recommended du'as. Instead it is a carefully considered framework that aligns our emotions with the most beautiful du'as, all of which have a profound constructive purpose: the aim is to transport us smilingly and with noblest etiquette toward the ma'arifat (higher knowledge of Allah) and istiqaamah (steadfastness) that every Muslim seeks, deep down.

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